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YPA Staff Picture
YPA Staff Picture

YPA Staff Picture

Mrs Brooks & former student
Mrs. Brooks and a Former Student

Mrs. Brooks and a Former Student get a chance to see each other when he comes to YPA to help out with morning car duty!

Koenig group pictures
Mrs. Koenig's Class During Dress-Up Week

Mrs. Koenig's class during dress-up week during the last week of school before Christmas break.

celebrating the 100th day of school
100th Day of School

Mrs. Hanna's kindergarten class dressed up and celebrated the 100th day of school by counting to 100.  After counting to 100 with cereal, they made necklaces to wear!  A great day!

Mrs. Henneke
Counselor's Week Feb 5th - 9th

Mrs. Henneke is the best counselor!  The campus celebrated Mrs. Henneke this week with food and gifts. 

Thank you, Mrs. Henneke, for all you do!

Pre-K Valentine's Day Fun
Pre-K Valentine's Day Fun!

Pre-K Valentine's Day campus pictures!  Students had a great day on campus with their Valentine's boxes and handing out sweet treats!

K Valentine's Day pictures
Kinder Valentine's Day

Kinder Valentine's Day campus pictures.  Students celebrate the day with sweet treats and lots of fun!

Dr. Seuss Dress Up Day!

YPA students and staff had a fun time dressing up like Dr. Seuss during the week!

Easter Fun!!!

Students went Easter egg hunting at the nursing home in town!

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Phone number 361-293-3312

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